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Meet Rep. John Barnes


I'm John E. Barnes Jr. and for over a decade I served Ohio’s 12th house district with a fierce dedication to better the lives of my constituents and all Ohioans.

The values of hard work and a passion for the well being of others was deeply ingrained in me at a young age, as I accompanied and assisted my father, former Cleveland councilman John Barnes Sr. while he and other leaders served our community.

These life lessons lead me to service in the Ohio State Legislature where during my tenure, I sponsored bills that directed hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for seniors, infrastructure, job readiness programs and Medicaid expansion.

I have watched lately with great dismay as disruptive elements have infiltrated and eroded the very foundation of our democracy; challenging the values we hold dear. These dark forces have pushed back against the struggle for equality, our health and well being and even challenged the truth itself. And like our president, I have come to a place where I cannot standby and let these forces continue.

Our district needs strong leaders, who act on behalf of the people.

Our nation needs qualified experienced leaders who listen to their constituents and are not controlled by the interests of the powerful few.

Our government needs compassionate leaders that care more for the values of our republic than the vote of those who would tear our republic down.

I am qualified, I am experienced and most of all I am dedicated to the betterment of those I hope to serve. Our district has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. We have lost loved ones. Many have lost their income and struggle to stay in their homes. Fate has dealt us an overwhelming portion of pain, suffering and isolation recently but we must not lose hope. I believe we have the power to turn this around and I promise you, here and now, that I will devote every ounce of my energy to make this happen.

I ask you now to please go forward with me, as I seek the honor of being your voice in the US Congress. Together, we can do this.

Thank you and please stay safe!

- John E. Barnes, Jr.

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