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Rep. John Barnes' Accomplishments


I believe in leadership that Puts People First!

I look forward to working closely with President Biden as well as other members of our Congressional delegation to bring back better living wage jobs and economic resources to Ohio's Eleventh District.


John E. Barnes Jr. has a record of bringing resources to the Eleventh District!

Helped pass JOBSOHIO creating 19,013 new jobs.

$7.6 Billion Dollars D12 $126 Million Infrastructure pothole funding

$60 Million for Minority & Women owned Businesses

$2 Million for Harvard Community Services Center to help teen mothers and young men with job preparedness

$200 Million for I-480 Bridge expansion and resurface

$500.000 for Warrensville Heights fund senior health programs

$1.3 Million for Bedford Heights and Maple Heights underpass

$2,158,380 for Cleveland Ward 1 and Ward 2 Harvard Road from Lee Road to East 116th Street
$2,600.000 for Cleveland Ward 1 Harvard Road from Lee Road to East 189th Street

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